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We believe in a world of wellbeing for all life.


We serve successful people, businesses, and organizations to reach a higher level of success and wellbeing.


The way we do it is by facilitating measurable positive change of leadership behavior.

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Who is Jorge Serrano?

Who is Jorge Serrano?

Gifted as a scientist, Jorge devoted 13 years to foster new discoveries as a physicist in areas as diverse as semiconducting materials, metallurgy, archaeometry, and neuroscience, in cutting-edge leading international research organizations in Europe and Latinamerica. Grateful father of a gorgeous daughter, he developed a passion for evolving Education when she was born.  Fruit of this passion is his participation as a co-founder in the Inspire Education Foundation - Fundació Inspira Educació - and NGO based in Barcelona, Spain, promoting social transformation through innovation in Educatio...

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