An Organization Seeking to Evolve

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

– Lao Tze –

Evolving as an organization requires both a certain level of consciousness and courage:  Consciousness to be aware of the need to shift, and courage to face it constructively.

It is a journey to the unknown, knowing that what served so far is the source of both our present success and our failures as organization.  It is a time of night, renewal, and rebirth, of letting go of old collective beliefs, patterns of behavior, and structures, in order to build a stronger, more sustainable, more adaptable, and more functional organization that provides a higher level of well-being for all its stakeholders.

What can I offer you?

  • Teaming up with your inner resources to unveil and catalyze the strengths and opportunities for growth within the present moment.
  • Guiding your board into a process to let emerge the best scenario for your organization, given the present conditions.
  • Measurable team and leader growth and positive behavioral change, following Marshall Goldsmith’s stakeholder centered system.
  • Facilitating inspiring team building sessions to clear communication and enter into deep dialogue, as a doorway to mobilize both unlimited potential and resources in the organization.
  • Designing and teaching in partnership with your HR department trainings and programmes aiming at developing the leadership capacities, building nurturing relationships, strengthening the skills for negotiation, alignment, coaching, and mediation.
  • In partnership with an outstanding international network of experienced facilitators, hold a culture transformation within the entire organization, independently of its size, location, cultural diversity, and focus area.

How will we know whether there is a match?

I only commit time for working with a maximum of two to three organizations simultaneously every year.  These are some indicators of match that you may want to consider before going further into a conversation:

  • The focus of the organization is one of the following:
    • Promoting a change in Education
    • Supporting Life and Nature
    • Developing eco-friendly Energy Sources
    • Fostering Research on Renewable Energies, Neuroscience, Education, and Well-being
    • Building Communities and Deep Democracy
    • Raising Employability and supporting Entrepreneurship and Innovation
    • Human Well-being
  • The outcome of the journey together will improve the well-being of all stakeholders in a sustainable way.
  • The mission, vision, and values of the organization are in alignment with respect for people, diversity, and nature.
  • Performance and profit are perceived as a by-product of functional, adaptable, and sustainable processes and outstanding relationships of all stakeholders.

If you see that there can be a common ground for synergy, I will appreciate that you send me a message using the form below and I will contact you back as soon as possible

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