Good leaders ask great questions

“Good leaders ask great questions that inspire others to dream more, think more, learn more, do more, and become more.” 

John C. Maxwell

What makes asking great questions such an essential leadership skill?

When we ask questions, people answer.    

When we ask great questions, people access other mind territories, get resourceful, feel inspired, and elevate their spirit to another level of consciousness.  Questions focus our mind like a laser point towards results.  

Depending on the quality of our questions, so will be our mind directed towards better or poor results, better or poor attitude, better or poor dreams.

Great leaders master the art of asking powerful questions, questions that are open, meaningful, and inspiring.  Powerful questions create a field that intentionally influences the relationship for the greater good.  

We can craft an infinite number of powerful questions depending on the scenario, the intention, and the field we want to evoke.

Imagine for a moment that you want to evoke creativity in the system you lead.  There is someone you know that can become better at sharing what he / she has in mind.  You want to invite him / her to share, you want him/her to feel welcome.  

What is the best way to open that conversation with him / her?

What is needed for you to inspire him / her to share his/her dreams?

Which belief will guide you in the conversation to stay open and supportive?

These are some examples of powerful questions to access your own wisdom. 

Right now, as you read this text, there are certainly areas of growth in your life.  Let’s name the most relevant for you, in this moment, and let’s call it “your growing edge”.  

Let’s imagine the best possible opportunity around your growing edge.  What does that look like?

I encourage you to take some pen and paper, and draw, write, illustrate your vision around this question.  

What is the value for you of doing this?  

What will you gain access to?  

What will it give you?

The First People had questions and they were free. The Second People had answers and they were enslaved”.

WindEagle, Keeper of the Delicate Lodge, Native American Wisdom


What are some of the most impactful questions that you have asked so far in your leadership role?