Achieving your goals & outcomes – Take the lead of your mind!

“All that occurs to us is a consequence of our decisions, conditioned by the patterns and information that live in our subconscious mind.” – Jorge Serrano

In face of the experiences that life offers us, we make interpretations that are kept in our subconscious mind to survive and offer quick automatised responses.

Sometimes the interpretations we made in the past and the beliefs we hold condition and limit our behavior when we want to achieve new goals. These beliefs even affect the well functioning of our body and our health.  Despite our desire to exhibit a different behavior, often we do not achieve it since the subconscious mind is far more powerful than our conscious free will.  It feels like trying to change the focus and direction of a high speed train by pushing riding a skateboard. 

PSYCH-K® offers a simple, safe, and effective system to facilitate change of beliefs in the subconscious mind that leads naturally to expand positive behavior and a higher level of wellbeing.

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Frequently asked questions:

How long does it last a PSYCH-K® session?

About 45 minutes. Each session is devoted to a specific goal or result, and it allows for a change in one or more beliefs.

How many sessions are needed to see a change?

Often a single session is enough to achieve a result,  and sometimes more sessions are needed to transform patterns of information that limit our possibilities and potential to create our dream reality. This depends on people and target result, since different people have different belief systems and information about the same goal.  It may be required to transform those patterns of information in several layers, as if we were peeling of the shells of an onion to reach its core.

I have tried other therapy. What are the advantages of PSYCH-K®?

PSYCH-K® is a tool and a method to claim the personal power we have and create our reality, both at physical and emotional level, from a conscious choice of our beliefs. As a facilitator, Jorge simply serves the person as a peer to manifest the change of beliefs.  The person who comes to the session is the one who chooses what he/she really dreams and creates his/her reality. 

Which kind of issues can I address with PSYCH-K®?

Any goal or result that you can imagine can be facilitated with PSYCH-K®:

    • Improve your health,
    • Be happy,
    • Change a behavior,
    • Feel better with yourself,
    • Improve your professional or personal life,
    • Earn more money,
    • Lose weight,
    • Quit habits, such as smoking,
    • Get rid of fobias,
    • Communicate better with your partner,
    • Increase sales,
    • Enjoy a wonderful intimate relationship,
      • Balance your personal and professional life,
  • and many other topics… as diverse as life is.

How does it work?

We perform individual sessions through Skype or phone worldwide.

How often is it convenient to have a session?

You are a unique and magnificent human being, and PSYCH-K® supports you to empower yourself.

The answer to this question depends on each individual.  Once you have made the first change of beliefs thru PSYCH-K®, you can decide when it is best for you to take the following session.

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