“The coaching process with Jorge mainly led me to affront situations from different perspectives.  With a wider view, the challenges are perceived in a different way, and Jorge helped me to see them in such a way that I became able to take more intelligent decisions.”

Blanca Holanda, writer


“As a trainer, I take away a totally innovative training method, where instead of feeding the trainer’s ego, the participants become the stars in totally emotional exercises and experiences.  I must add that I started implementing the diverse techniques and strategies I learned with Jorge, and I cannot be more satisfied with the outcomes.  Training will never be the same for me.”

David López, leader Academy for Training in Trading in Spanish


“Jorge is an outstanding human being.  Sensible, intelligent, discrete, and really praiseworthy listening skills.  He is absolutely trustworthy, and every person who chooses to work with him will enjoy a highly qualified professional to facilitate his/her leadership development.”

Iñigo Sáenz de Urturi


“Definitively Jorge’s intervention through a coaching process has helped me to channel in a more effective way my energy and discover the power and strength of mind when used through positive thinking… The results have been immediate!”

José Rafael Iturralde, Entrepreneur & Record Salesman at KIA Ecuador

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