Who is Jorge Serrano?

Gifted as a scientist, Jorge devoted 13 years to foster new discoveries as a physicist in areas as diverse as semiconducting materials, metallurgy, archaeometry, and neuroscience, in cutting-edge leading international research organizations in Europe and Latinamerica.

Grateful father of a gorgeous daughter, he developed a passion for evolving Education when she was born.  Fruit of this passion is his participation as a co-founder in the Inspire Education Foundation – Fundació Inspira Educació – and NGO based in Barcelona, Spain, promoting social transformation through innovation in Education.

Experienced lecturer, he has also acted as keynote speaker and curriculum designer in several universities and non-formal education companies, with topics covering a spectrum extending from fundamental & quantum Physics to Futures trading, Reiki healing, Leadership, Coaching in Education, Neuroscience and Ancient Native Wisdom.

Enthusiastic about human relationships, expanding consciousness and well-being, Jorge loves traveling and he has cultivated himself through year-long practice of disciplines stemming from ancient native American, Japanese, and Buddhist traditions, aiming at growing his capacities to support both individuals and organizations to navigate through change in a chaotic world and stay in a state of resourcefulness and wellbeing.

What inspires him the most is:

  • Supporting inspiring leaders to evolve in consciousness and skills as servant leaders and become a lighthouse for those who they serve to.
  • Designing and teaching through unique transformative learning experiences within Education and Organizations tailored to the longings and dreams of both management and employees that nurture communities.
  • Bridging between worlds, both within people as within organizations and between organizations, aiming at creating lasting sustainable life-affirming relationships and partnerships, and at healing separation.
  • Contributing to evolve the Education system worldwide, as a facilitator, curriculum designer, fund raiser, inspirer, and teacher.
  • Expanding consciousness, remembering wholeness, and developing being humans in our true infinite potential.

He believes that

  • Life is about conscious joyful evolution, where evolution is harnessing our capacity to express unlimited potential affirming life.
  • We are one with all our relationships.
  • We create our world, both what we like and what we do not.  This empowers us to transform it fully.
  • Relationship comes first, business / outcomes / performance / indicators /… come second.  The quality of our life is proportional to the quality of our relationships.
  • Beliefs come first, behaviors come next.   Sustainable change of behavior is only achieved through an expansion of our belief system.